Wounded Souls Ballad

The sun rises, bringing with it a familiar view. Shadows of the night begin to relinquish their everlasting grip. Memories faded into dreams let me go until night returns. Lying in the grass letting the rays soak away the coldness of my heart, swaying with the unheard symphony, smiling as I let it take control. Next to me lies my mystery, my hidden identity. Though to others, it is just a shadow. They cannot see what I see. It stays close, always. It pushes me where I need to be. Yet, it haunts me. As much as it helps me, I cannot help to look over my shoulder to make sure it will not take me fully. An old worn road beckons me. Out of wonder, I follow it. My heart beats faster with each step taken. The sun is doomed to set. My shadow begins to close in, I can feel its cold grasp. It can save me and it can destroy me. As the sun sets in the horizon, and the nights takes its place, we become whole again. I cannot hide. I don’t want to hide. Because the truth is, I need the insanity. I need it inside of me. To live without fear or pain of the past, it wouldn’t make me who I am meant to be. So, in the night, I am the shadow of my insanity and insecurity. My fears and my fantasies. It consumes my reality, as I let it take all of me.

Dream me sweet tonight, dear infinite wisdom. Take me to the farthest edges of the universe. As we sit atop a mountainous orb, drifting effortlessly through space and time. Tell me the stories of the lonely stars. Where they came from and why they choose to shine their beauty upon us. Let me feel all you’ve felt. The good and the bad. Warm me with the good hidden in the darkest minds. Hold me close, keep me with you as we unravel in the nights travels. When I awake, please let me take the memories of our endeavors. Stay with me, as I enter into the uncertain and unruly reality called life.

The rain drops on the window and those flowing from her eyes could drown the world. She wanted it sometimes. That feeling of utter control. In her dreams, she would fly through time, just to see what living feels like. The winds that would pass would tell secrets of the past. The terror and joy. It was her lullaby. Those gentle winds would consume, leaving her at total peace. In that place, her wings were made of stars. Making her warm, and innocent. Light always guiding. Passing through each veil, growing stronger, filled with more hope. Seeing that she was not alone. Her eyes, soon began to resemble galaxies. Slowly they would turn, mesmerizing the angels that would pass her by. They soon began to long what she was. Who she was becoming. With wings made of stars, and eyes full of the wisdom of the galaxies. Her skin as translucent as the moon. She was becoming part of the night sky. Turning into what the rest of the world looks to for guidance. The feelings were overwhelming. But, she knew what the world needed. Letting the night take her completely, she became the wishing star. And when she cried, stars would shoot across the sky, waiting to be found by just one mortal eye.

Desire is lit
Sparking a passionate fire.

Eyes filled with eagerness
Trace my body’s curves.
Slowly leading down
As my thighs begin to burn.

Hands in the dark
Find their way to mine.
Erupting with pleasure
As our bodies intertwined.

Slowing down, to make it last
Brings upon the euphoria
Of my inevitable climax.

Things become blurry
As I dig into his skin.
A scream of pure ecstasy
Escapes as it begins.

I’m waiting for the day the review
Takes a hold of you
Takes away your sin
Everything you’ve always held in

The fires of hell consume
The righteous are all doomed
Take apart my soul
Bury me in the ashes
Of every lie you’ve ever told

Scatter me amongst the wind
The place where life begins
Let the wings of death
Carry me through the veil
In to my own
Euphoric Hell

Lead me to the light and I will become the northern star. Bathed in the eternal night as I guide from afar. When you whisper your darkest secrets, desires and dreams, I will be there to comfort you, to give you what you need. Hearts will grow warm as I sing my lullabye, never will you be alone with the excruciating, why? When you close your eyes, look into mine. The weight of your burdens I will lift with my shine. If ever you are lost, or need to find your way, just look upwards into the sky, whether it be night or day. I am always near, when you need me dear. So let us bind together, let go of your fears.

Today I find myself lying down, in the field of lost wishes. Like stars lost in the night, they become the fallen. Some plant like seeds, growing as the days pass, but never will they be granted. The field of fallen wishes. Such a bewitching place. Lost to the world, as it seems I’ve become. Accepting defeat, I will plant my roots to grow. People walk by in the distance. Seeing only a field of death and despair. In order to see the beauty it beholds, the person must know both. What they don’t realize, is with every death of a wish, a new one comes to life. They are just stepping stones to infinity and beyond. So I will lie here, like a dying wish. Knowing that one day, new found wings, will finally carry me away.

The warmth I’ve searched my life for, was found with your arms. The warmth that the holidays bring. The peace and happiness of feeling truly at home. I found that one winter night, in the form of bright blue eyes and a welcoming smile. A sparkle that was made for only me. I saw everything I wanted to be in your eyes that night. A smile escaped my lips that only you could bring. And years later the fire that was lit, has grown brighter than the sun. The warmth you bring to me lightens my very soul. Though distance may come between us at times, it is in your arms, I know I’m finally home.

Dreaming of a night, where all the light will guide me through to you. A path is written, Just needs to be found, I will search for the answers, I will listen to the heavens lost sound. Angels will call, as demons enthrall. But, I will find my way to you. The constellations painted in the sky, are there for those, who seek. Learning to decode, all that was given, so many years ago. When the earth was new, born from above, shining the brightest was the ultimate love. And It will lead me to you. Just tapping in, to the greatest sin. Of lust and desire, lead by the fire. I will never stop pushing through. My heart was made for yours. Our souls to become intertwined. Led by the stars, sculpted by the Divine. My heart was made for you. 

When I think of love, I see your lips.
I feel my heart beat faster than a humming bird flies, as you move them towards mine. I feel the electricity surge through my entire body, shocking me with life each time my heart whispers your name. When I look into your eyes I see a perfect future. Bathed in the warmth of your presence. Each breath you take fills me with enough courage to take on the world. I envy you. Because all the love inside me was made for you and only you. Though the love you have inside burns bright enough to melt the sun, I know one day we will have to move on. Together, our love is eternal, immortal. It will be written in stone. The stars above will be drenched in our love. When the future generations look into the sky at night, they will be told the story of a love that was too strong for this world. A love with no bounds. That grew and grew until it could no longer be contained. And when the day came for us to shed our human forms, the love exploded into the sky, forming the Lovers Stars. As it shot into the sky, bits fell down like rain, absorbing into the earth and wandering souls whose search for love would finally soon be found. We will become love. Leaving behind hope. Hope, like love, is never lost. My love for you is still being written in the stars.